Mr. Fitz presents imagery 

A musical narrative telling the story of the Vegas Boy & his adventures of self-discovery and transformation with a musical-mentor archetype, Mr. Fitz!

   Artwork by    @shaun_gillon_art

Artwork by @shaun_gillon_art

2013 - 2015 No sweat

Experimenting with the punk rock, grunge and garage band sounds.

2006-2009  Aj-Fitz. the makin of a realist

The rap lyrics of a disenfranchised youth from the Wirral on the Merseyside. This project is the original fire and inspiration to find my message in various musical and writing styles. This project was a sign of the times that had inspired a journey of change. 

 Artwork by Vicky Fogarty

Artwork by Vicky Fogarty

© 2015. written or recorded by Anthony Fitzgerald.

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